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Your Personal Skincare, Make Your Spa At Home

Updated: Mar 1

Skincare is the priority for any woman. That’s why today I will tell you about the main procedures to make your skin younger than ever.

1) Facial Cleansing

It is important to clean your skin deeply. So LUNA 3 erases up to 99.5 percent of dirt and oil and clearing up the pores to make your skin look pure.

2) Rejunevating Facelift

You need only 3 minutes a day to make your skin smoother! BEAR Microcurrent Facelift diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. So skin looks smoother and toned. Rollers of BEAR massage your face and make the skin tone look even, plus it relaxes your face muscles and makes your face look fresh even after the toughest day.

3) At Home Spa Facial

It is amazing when you can get spa treatments at home. That’s why I would like to tell you about the benefits of UFO 2! The machine hydrates the skin on a deeper level increasing moisture level up to 100 percent and the effect stays up to 6 hours.

T-Sonic pulsations increase microcirculation, providing each cell with nutrients which makes your skin look fresh and young. Cooling reduces puffiness as well as lifts and firms even deeper skin levels.

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