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Panther De Luxe Jewelry ┃Why Jewelry Plays a Big Role in Fashion?

Updated: Feb 26

Jewelry is important for a modern woman. Fashion accessories complete an outfit adding details to a look. Jewelry tells a lot about a person, it can symbolize wisdom, purity, confidence, security, prosperity and etc.

Table Of Contents:

  1. History of Fashion Jewelry.

  2. There is a list of reasons why women love jewelry:

Elegance is the best way to express yourself

History of Fashion Jewelry.

If we go back to history, women began to wear jewelry 2000 BC. Gold was considered jewelry metal choice for Egyptians. Gold was a symbol of a status. Greek women were wearing jewelry in a shape of shells and flowers. Italian women liked hollow pendants filled with their perfume which underlined their elegance. Style, shape and material were constantly changing from the ancient times. However, it doesn't matter what century it is now, women always highlight their outfits with jewelry and make it a big part of fashion industry.

Nowadays, women try to follow jewelry fashion tendencies as well. I believe that Elegance is the key of a look in the 21st century.

There is a list of reasons why women love jewelry:

  • Women wear jewelry for special occasions. Everyone wants to feel special and different, so jewelry can underline everything you want to express with your look.

  • Jewelry gives women self-confidence. It plays a big role in making a woman feel good about herself. Little details as jewelry pieces make the whole image look powerful.

  • Jewelry has a sentimental and emotional value. It can be a good memory in life, the moments which are forever with you, especially when it is a gift.

  • Jewelry can be a good investment, especially if it is gold trading and etc.

Be bright, beautiful and remembered with Panther De Luxe Jewelry!

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