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Modern Furniture in New York, 10 % off First Order.

Updated: Mar 1

Furniture defines a decor style and a look of your home. Moreover, furniture shapes a home atmosphere. CHECK HERE

Among a big range of furniture companies and designs it is very difficult to choose the one you want and pass it through. On one hand it is amazing that there are so many choices to pick and style your home, on the other hand it is a complicated task to figure out what suites you best.

Furniture is characterized by functionality, quality and durability mixing with aesthetics. That's the balance which is managed by any designer. To streamline your search we found out an amazing furniture company, which represents contemporary African Style.

Introduction to 54KIBO Furniture

Furniture companies come and go, however, quality is the one which never goes out of style. To find such a company is not an easy task, though today we introduce you to 54KIBO - the one which is different from others. Why is it different? Because it guarantees a quality.

54KIBO Philosophy

The furniture and design company was founded to represent interior decor designs and creativity. Why 54? There are 54 countries are located in Africa. Philosophy of the company to represent skillfulness and precision of all African countries with a good quality and taste.


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